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Tom James Company releases Business Class, the ultimate course in personal, professional presentation
January 5, 2009


In a workplace where society has impeded on all codes of conduct, behavior, and personal presentation, it’s refreshing to be reminded that there are standards for how a business professional should present oneself.

Spencer Hays, founder and owner of the Tom James Company, a direct-sales and series of elite retail locations that offer high-end professional and social attire, knows and has always personally applied those rigorous standards for professional presentation. Now they are available for any aspiring professional in Business Class: The power of personal presence.

The first chapter of Business Class tells the story of Mr. Hays and the Tom James Company, which is a lesson in what it takes to obtain and emit professionalism and class in and of itself. The five chapters that follow detail Business Dress, Business Confidence, Social Dress, Social Graces, and Grooming. Each chapter is loaded with invaluable concepts, facts, and tips.

Business Dress is organized into sections for The Young Executive Wardrobe, The Executive’s Wardrobe, and Business Casual. All sections cover every requirement for an acceptable wardrobe, from quality to cut, to color, to how to execute various tie styles.

Business Confidence could be made into an individual book as the content in this chapter is necessary for anyone entering the workforce. This chapter gets personal, offering sound advice on how to act, maintain eye contact, shake hands, allow others their personal space, how not to kill conversations, a brief lesson in wine tasting and selection, and even what silverware to use, all in professional and social settings.

Social Dress touches on black tie, white tips, top hates, sportswear and where it’s appropriate, and what to wear, where.

Social Graces is another invaluable chapter that advices on making toasts, throwing parties, taking care of the RSVP, having houseguests and being one, and mixing and mingling at business parties and casual affairs.

Grooming may seem like a topic that you wouldn’t need to read up on. But no one wants to be the person who doesn’t follow these tips. This chapter details everything from what hair products to use for what purpose, and how much you might need, to facial hair, to dental and skin hygiene.

Whether you’re a self-declared business professional, entering the workforce, or just want to make sure you are doing all you can to present yourself in the manner you know you’re capable of, Business Class is the ultimate resource for ensuring you are firing on all cylinders, and that the rest of the world can seen and feel it too.

Business Class (ISBN 978-0-615-20579-3; $60.00) was published by Tom James Company and is available online at

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