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Southeast Asian Flavors a Master’s course in Regional Cuisine
December 8, 2008


When Chef Robert Danhi first visited Malaysia with the woman who he would later join, the people of the region, their history and culture, and their amazingly distinct cuisine hooked Danhi’s soul and hasn’t since relinquished.

For 20 years, as he developed his culinary skills and career teaching the culinary arts, Danhi returned to Southeast Asia on numerous trips. He immersed himself in culinary cultures of rural villages, urban markets, public restaurants and private homes throughout Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Danhi paired his knack for teaching the fundamentals of cooking and his thorough knowledge of and passion for Southeast Asian cuisine to create Southeast Asian Flavors: Adventures in Cooking the Foods of Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia & Singapore.

More than just another cookbook, this engaging text is an absolute lesson that covers how to use food products indigenous to Southeast Asia, how to incorporate various culinary techniques to create the food, as well as all the information any worldly mind could want to know about the region, its people, and its cuisine.

Southeast Asian Flavors has 400 pages and six chapters that are organized by country. The book is also loaded with informative and entertaining full-color photos that show the region’s beautiful landscape, as well as offer visual guides for some of the more advanced cooking or food prep techniques. Chef Danhi also provides an Asian Resource Guide that’s a thorough directory for obtaining food products or Asian-related information.

Southeast Asian Flavors: Adventures in Cooking the Foods of Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia & Singapore (ISBN 978-0-9816339-0-9; $45.00) is available online at It was designed, edited and produced by Favorite Recipes Press.

Since 1961, Favorite Recipes Press has helped non-profit organizations, community groups, and independent publishers like Chef Danhi create, design, edit, produce, distribute and market award-winning cookbooks. Favorite Recipes Press is an imprint of FRP Books, Inc. Learn more at

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