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Cooking with a Private Chef Exemplifies Potential of Independent Publishing with Favorite Recipes Press
November 3, 2008

When Private Chef Michael Saxer began publishing his first cookbook, Cooking with a Private Chef, which he created with custom book publisher Favorite Recipes Press, he applied the same precision and flair to the book's quality and details that he relies on to create exceptional gourmet cuisine.

The result is a stylish, 144-page cookbook featuring Saxer’s own recipes that draw on fresh, local ingredients indigenous to Newport, Rhode Island, and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Publishing independently with Favorite Recipes Press allowed Saxer to share his unique experience of being a private chef in the exact manner he desired, using his own recipes, injecting his own stories, insights, and cooking tips where he pleased, and combining professional food photography with amateur snapshots of his unique culinary profession.

Saxer worked with the publishing experts at Favorite Recipes to achieve everything from the book’s modern design, to select finishing touches like the silk blue ribbon that serves as a bookmark.

“Without a doubt, this book has the highest production values I have ever seen in a self-published book,” wrote Judy Walker, food editor of the Times Picayune in New Orleans.

Cooking with a Private Chef: New Orleans to Newport is available online at The Cookbook Marketplace:, and in major and specialty bookstores nationwide.

Private Chef Michael Saxer’s next public appearance is at the Newman School Book Fair in New Orleans, LA on Sunday, November 2, beginning at 4 p.m. For additional information, go to

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