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Cooking with a Private Chef
July 28, 2008


If every meal tells a story, then Michael Saxer's eight-year career as a private chef is an epic.

A private chef works for a single family as if it were a restaurant, serving family dinners, creating comfort for guests, or preparing food for elegant gatherings. Chef Saxer travels with his employer as the family moves between homes in the lively heart of New Orleans and among the sparkling seasons of Newport, R.I.

No matter where Saxer is, he is at home in a kitchen. Usually you'll find him working up a menu or testing a new flavor profile.

Dinner might begin with Muffuletta Croquettes as a nod to Saxer’s New Orleans home, then a Louisiana Jumbo-Lump Crab Meat Salad with Fried Avocado. Next there might be beautifully plated Seared Duck Breasts with sides of Wild Rice-Apple Salad. For a big finish, Limoncello Panna Cotta with Blueberry Gelee or Bananas Foster Soufflé.

Saxer created Cooking with a Private Chef so any cook can re-create his fresh, imaginative meals at home. Each dish is broken into individual recipes in a “module” system so cooks can prepare the whole dish with all its glorious trappings, or just select pieces of it. While the recipes require some experience, planning and time, Chef Saxer has carefully outlined the steps for best outcome. He encourages creativity in the kitchen, too, so cooks can use his recipes as the basis for their own amazing culinary results.

Generously sized, 144 pages, and well illustrated with 22 full color images and additional black and white photos, the book offers a glimpse into the settings that inspire Chef Michael Saxer.

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