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November 2, 2005
Twenty-eight years ago, the Newnan Junior Service League published a 600-plus page cookbook that thoroughly covers classic southern-style cooking. A quarter-million copies of A Taste of Georgia are in print, and the book has won numerous accolades. A Taste of Georgia was awarded with induction into the Tabasco Community Cookbook Hall of Fame and the Southern Living Hall of Fame.

“In an era of highly specialized and single-subject cookbooks, A Taste of Georgia is invaluable for its breadth. Where else can you find recipes for sweet potato biscuits and Swedish limpa bread in one book, not to mention six different recipes for spinach casserole? A wonderful taste of Georgia cooking and culture,” wrote Reagan Walker in the Atlanta Journal Constitution upon the initial publication. This is a cookbook for the ages, a cookbook that can get even someone who has never tasted food on the way to becoming a good cook.

A Taste of Georgia has all the basic information essential for new cooks, and that experienced ones need: equivalent measures, substitutions, common kitchen pans, the metric system, a guide to cake decorating, garnishes, cheeses, and much more. In addition to the usual division of recipes, there is a section devoted to game; one for jams, jellies, pickles, and relishes; and a section covering eggs, cheese, rice, or pasta as the main ingredient. In the words of “Redneck Gourmet” Cile Smith, A Taste of Georgia is a “Great gift for brides. Everybody needs one.”

A Taste of Georgia was manufactured by FRP in Nashville, Tennessee. Since 1961, FRP has produced more than 800 titles for individuals, companies, and nonprofit organizations from coast to coast. Full support and consultation are available in the creation, production, marketing, and distribution of a cookbook. FRP is a division of Southwestern/Great American, Inc.

Published by Newnan Junior Service League
ISBN: 0-9611002-2-2
plastic comb hardcover
624 pp.
816 recipes

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