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November 2, 2005

In 2001, White Castle dedicated a forum to the thousands of Cravers over the years who create recipes, write letters about their devotion to the restaurant, and share the joy of fresh steamed hamburgers with everyone they know. They called it the Cravers Hall of Fame. The White Castle Crave Time Cook Off began in 1991, with thousands of entries annually competing for the chance to win a case of thirty Slyders® every week for a year!

By the Sackful celebrates not only these devoted Cravers by the inclusion of their stories and recipes, but it also includes dozens of vintage photographs, images from past advertising campaigns, and posters from the early years of the company’s existence.

Founded in Wichita, Kansas in 1921, White Castle makes some of the world’s most celebrated hamburgers, Slyders®. With By the Sackful , White Castle shares the extent of fan’s devotion that some have referred to as an addiction. There are stories from Cravers ranging from the romantic (a White Castle marriage proposal) to the religious (the Greek Orthodox minister who leads the annual caravan to White Castle after resurrection service).

It may come as a surprise to some, but for those who simply can’t get enough Slyders®, the little burgers make an excellent meal starter! By the Sackful includes winning recipes from the White Castle Crave Time Cook Off. Cravers’ creativity shines in these brunch and breakfast recipes, recipes for lunch and dinner, and even recipes for vegetable sides. Two sections are devoted to specific culinary styles. One focuses on Italian specialties and the other is devoted to White Castle-Mex.

For all those Cravers, people who live far away from their favorite burgers, and everybody who is curious about the Crave, By the Sackful is a piece of White Castle for all to share and enjoy.

By the Sackful: A Scrapbook with Recipes from 85 Years of White Castle Craving
ISBN: 0-97666253-0-X
$14.95 retail
144 pp.
138 recipes
8 x 8, die-cut

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