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February 7, 2008


In opera terminology, the Opus is the entire work of art that is an opera. The Young Patronesses of the Opera in Miami, Fla. have created an opus of their own in their new cookbook, Sunny Days, Balmy Nights: Entertaining Miami Style. Much more than a collection of recipes, this piece of art tells the story of life, culture, entertainment and exquisite culinary adventure as it exists in Miami.

Just as an opera’s story line can come from many different sources, the recipes in Sunny Days, Balmy Nights come from all the cultural crossroads that intersect in Miami, resulting in some of the most sumptuous faire in the world.

The characters of the YPO have tested and selected over 200 recipes. Truly diverse, these arias range from Chupe de Gallina, Venezuelan Chicken and Corn Chowder (p. 20), to West Indian Empanadas (p. 52), to Pork Tenderloins with Guava and Ginger Marinade (p. 147), to Shrimp Manchego with Polenta, the Miami version of shrimp and grits (p. 194), to Brigadeiros, a traditional Brazilian candy treat (p. 232).

Ensembles are presented at the beginning of every chapter, with easy entertaining menus for “Yachting on Biscayne Bay” to hosting your own “Après Opera Dessert Party.” Work plans accompany these impressive menus, which help anyone shop for, prepare and share their dishes with guests.

Props throughout the book include vibrant photographs of Miami’s exotic tendencies, and loads of tips for throwing the ultimate parties, pairing the best wines, selecting choice mangos, and operating smarter in the kitchen.

Bravi to the Young Patronesses of the Opera for creating Sunny Days, Balmy Nights. This book is certain to be a classic in kitchens everywhere and everyone who uses its recipes and useful tips will certainly demand an Encore.

The Young Patronesses of the Opera (YPO) is a nonprofit group of volunteers who have advocated for opera education in the Miami community since 1956. The tax-exempt group’s mission is to cultivate, promote, sponsor and develop the understanding and love of opera; to promote education in the opera community; and to assist the Florida Grand Opera, Inc., in such education of the general public.

The YPO has been recognized for contributing over $2 million and countless volunteer hours to opera education throughout South Florida. Proceeds from the sale of Sunny Days, Balmy Nights will benefit opera education for children and young adults throughout South Florida.

Sunny Days, Balmy Nights: Entertaining Miami Style (ISBN 978-0-9795725-0-0; $35.00) is available directly from the YPO’s Web site: It is also available in bookstores throughout southern Florida, and at the Florida Grand Opera’s Opera Boutique.

Sunny Days, Balmy Nights was edited, designed and manufactured by Favorite Recipes Press, an imprint of FRP.

Since 1961, FRP has produced more than 1000 titles for individuals, companies, and nonprofit organizations across the country. We offer consultation in the creation, production, marketing, and distribution of 50-60 cookbook titles every year. Our company is proud to help independent publishers create their own successful, award-winning cookbooks. FRP is a division of Southwestern/Great American, Inc.

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