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Perfect for Men, Ages 8-80
January 17, 2008

Adding to her collection of five-ingredient recipe cookbooks, Take Five author Debbye Dabbs has published Take Five: A Men’s Cookbook.

The recipes in this book only call for five ingredients at most. The easy-to-follow directions mean men won’t spend too much time in the kitchen, but can still make delicious dishes, from Oxford Shrimp and Grits (p. 88) to Peanut Butter Pie (p. 115).

For such a little book, it packs over 80 recipes, covering appetizers, main entrees, salads and desserts. It’s a resource that any man can use for putting on a great spread or simply fixing himself a good dinner when he’s flying solo.

The book is super portable – a stand-alone, flip-top notebook that doesn’t require a lot of counter space, just like its recipes don't require a lot of fuss.

It makes it a great gift for your son in college or those who are still at home. It’s also a wonderful cooking guide for young men who are just starting to learn their way around a kitchen.

Take Five: A Men’s Cookbook is another homerun for Dabbs and her Take Five cookbook series. The other books include Take Five, a Cookbook; Take Five, a Light Cookbook; Take Five, for Every Occasion; Take Five, a Holiday Cookbook and Take Five, a Christmas Cookbook. All these books have also recently been repackaged and reprinted as compact stand-alone notebooks.

Take Five: A Men’s Cookbook (ISBN 978-0-9645899-6-4; $12.00) is available through or by calling 800-269-6839. The book is distributed to the book and gift trade by Favorite Recipes Press, which can be contacted at or by calling 800-358-0560.

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