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Everything’s Down Home Delicious with Peggy Sholly
January 17, 2008

It’s no surprise that Peggy Sholly is a Louisiana native. Her passion for life, love, and cooking, seems to be a special genetic code people are born with in that state. Her Italian heritage only augments this flair.

Sholly carried her background with her as she traveled the world, met many people and tested many fares. She’s drawn upon her Louisiana heritage and range of experiences to create Down Home Delicious, a cookbook full of life and all the kinds of dishes that make it worth living.

The eight chapters range from Lip Smackin’ Louisiana fare to Deep in the Heart of Tex Mex. Sholly offers up regional standards like Heavenly Hush Puppies (p. 130) and three recipes for gumbo, as well as Tex Mex-inspired Super Great Handmade Tamales (p. 172) and the amazing Mi Madre Avocado Appetizer (p. 158). The Distinctly American Favorites chapter features classics like Mouth Waterin’ Meatloaf (p. 29) and Succulent Roasted Chicken (p. 42) that are more easy recipes for any cook in every kitchen.

Throughout Down Home Delicious, Sholly shares advice on how to make gatherings with family and friends more special with great food, such as how to create an impromptu picnic on the living room floor and how to include romance as an extra ingredient in standard recipes. Overall, Down Home Delicious is a guide for making great food and enjoying this great life.

Down Home Delicious (ISBN 978-0-9796652-0-2; $27.95) was manufactured by FRP in Nashville, Tennessee. It is available for purchase online at

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