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Memories and Menus-- from A Life Well-Lived
April 2, 2007

Rose Marie Bratek was a newlywed with no experience of cooking when she found a small cookbook among the pots and pans left behind in her new home. She began experimenting with simple recipes with few ingredients from the little book. Over the next several decades, Rose-Marie developed recipes that pleased everyone from her picky toddler to trustees and parents of a prestigious school.

Recently, Rose Marie Bratek began compiling recipes for her son and his young wife when she found herself with forty years of food stories and favorite recipes. She eventually turned these into Searching for Watercress: A Memoir Cookbook.

Through her experimenting through the phases of her life, Bratek found which recipes worked for her family and which they could do without. Many of the recipes included in the book include anecdotes that share the author’s view of the humor and poignancy of life.

As a designer of food publications, Rose Marie Bratek used her many skills in the design: she prepared and photographed each recipe; designed each page of the book, and prepared the art for printing. Searching for Watercress is truly her “labor of love.” Included among the time-tested recipes are ideas for theme parties, and creative, evocative designs for table settings. This is a cookbook to be treasured for generations and that will appeal to cooks of all ages and skills.

Searching for Watercress: A Memoir Cookbook (ISBN: 0-9786635-1-9; $29.95; available at; was edited and manufactured by FRP in Nashville, Tennessee. Since 1961, FRP has produced more thousands of titles for individuals, companies, and nonprofit organizations from coast to coast. Full support and consultation are available in the creation, production, marketing, and distribution of cookbooks. FRP is a division of Southwestern/Great American, Inc.

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