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Designed for Worship
December 14, 2006

The Booksmith Group, Nashville Public Television, and Everton Ogelsby Architects have joined forces to publish a pictorial history of some of the Nashville area’s houses of worship, Designed for Worship: An Architectural Perspective of Sacred Places in Middle Tennessee. A true community effort, this project is also supported by the Metro Historical Commission, the Metropolitan Nashville Archives, the Nashville Public Library, and a host of other organizations devoted to preserving and promoting the region’s unique history.

Religious architecture aims to represent a power beyond our day-to-day world, that something higher and better than we are is in charge. Whether quiet and rough-hewn or spectacularly ornate, these buildings represent an inspirational community where matters beyond individual, or even human identity, are important. It is said that nothing in life is a certain as change. This is true of these architectural expressions of faith, sometimes lost with the passage of time as congregations move, buildings are renovated and those edifices that once housed the spiritual aspirations of a community move on to other purposes.

Designed for Worship stands as a tribute to the preservation of the sacred in the city, the generations of all denominations who worship, who serve, and who believe in the power of faith to change worlds. This art-quality gift book features more than 200 photographs of more than 60 houses of worship in Middle Tennessee.

Designed for Worship: An Architectural Perspective of Sacred Places in Middle Tennessee (ISBN: 978-0-9772092-1-7 $44.95) was designed, edited, and published by The BookSmith Group, a division of Favorite Recipes Press, in cooperation with Nashville Public Television and Everton Oglesby Architects. The book is available by calling (615) 479-7616.

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